At, our team is the heartbeat of everything we do. Comprising a diverse group of talented professionals from around the globe, we unite under a shared vision: to deliver unparalleled solutions that drive results. Our collective expertise spans various industries, bringing a unique synergy that powers our innovative approach. From the thinkers to the doers, each member plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of our brand. We take pride in our collaborative spirit, dedication to excellence, and commitment to making a meaningful impact for our clients and community. Meet the dynamic individuals who are leading the charge in defining the next chapter of

Cihan Sasmaz (Germany/Dubai) CEO | 14+ years experience as an entrepreneur linkedin: CV:

Ishan Shahzad (Pakistan) CTO | 9+ years experience as a software solution architect Linkedin:

Rameen Alqasser (Bahrain) CFO | 30+ years experience in traditional finance, Stock Exchange & Banking

Anna Maria Toring (Spain/Sweden) CMO | 20+ years experience in Creative Design Linkedin:

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