Search Feature on

The Search feature on is a powerful tool designed to provide users with a seamless and efficient way to discover content across the platform. Here's how it works:

  1. User Search (@users):

    • Purpose: Allows users to quickly find and connect with other members on the platform.

    • How It Works: By entering the "@" symbol followed by a username, users can instantly get results related to that specific user. This makes it easy to find friends, influencers, or any other user they wish to connect with.

  2. Hashtag Search (#hashtags):

    • Purpose: Enables users to discover trending topics, themes, or specific content categories.

    • How It Works: By using the "#" symbol followed by a keyword or phrase, users can explore all posts related to that particular hashtag. This is especially useful for staying updated with trending topics or finding content related to specific interests.

  3. Collection Search ($collections):

    • Purpose: Provides users with a direct way to explore and discover various "Content Creator" Collections on the platform.

    • How It Works: Entering the "$" symbol followed by the name of a collection will display results related to that specific collection. This allows users to easily find and engage with their favorite content creators or discover new ones.

Additional Features:

  • Autocomplete: As users type in the search bar, the system offers autocomplete suggestions based on popular searches, ensuring a faster and more intuitive search experience.

  • Search History: Users can view their recent searches, allowing them to quickly revisit previous search queries without having to retype them.

In summary, the Search feature on is a comprehensive tool that offers users a streamlined way to discover and engage with content, users, and collections on the platform. It's designed with user experience in mind, ensuring that finding and connecting with desired content is always just a few clicks away.

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