25% Revenue share (ETH)

25% of our platform fees are shared with tokenholders based on your holdings

Buyback & Burn Allocation Details:

At MintStargram.tech, we prioritize the value and sustainability of our $STAR token. Here's our commitment:

  1. Guaranteed Allocation: We guarantee an allocation of 25% of all platform fees towards the buyback and burn of $STAR tokens / Revenue share with $STAR holders based on their holdings. This commitment stands firm until our token reaches a market capitalization of $1 Billion ($1,000,000,000).

  2. Post $1 Billion MarketCap: Once the $STAR token hits the $1 Billion market cap milestone, we will adjust our buyback and burn allocation. The allocation will be reduced from 25% to 12.5%.

This strategy ensures a balanced approach to maintain the token's value while also supporting the platform's growth and sustainability.

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