Create your first NFT-Post

Craft Your First Mint-Post!

  1. Start at Home: Navigate to the Home page.

  2. Choose Mint-Post: Ensure the "Mint-Post" option is active.

  3. Set Up a Collection: Create your unique Collection if you haven't already.

  4. Pick Your Collection: Select the Collection where you'd like to add the new Mint-Post NFT.

  5. Compose & Confirm: Draft your content and hit the vibrant "Mint-Post" button.

🔔 Note: Each Mint-Post is an authentic blockchain transaction. It incurs a gas fee of 0.0005 ETH (approx. $0.84). Ensure your linked wallet has sufficient funds.

Transform Text to NFT: Simply type your message, and we'll morph it into an NFT.

Image to NFT: Upload your picture. Your written text will serve as the NFT's description.

Video to NFT: Share your video (up to 60 seconds). Whether it's Shorts, 16:9, or Square, we've got you covered. Your text will be the video's NFT description.

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