Platform fees Platform Fees

1. Mint-Post Fees:

  • Minting Fee: 0,0005 ETH ($0,84) per minted post.

    • This fee covers the cost of converting your content into an NFT on the platform.

2. NFT Trading Fees:

  • Listing Fee: Free.

  • Trading Fee: 2.5% of the sale price.

    • This fee is applied to every NFT traded on our platform.

3. Go Live (Livestream) Fees:

  • Starting a Livestream: Free.

  • Donations & Gifts:

    • retains 10% of the value of each donation or gift sent during a livestream.

    • The remaining 90% goes directly to the host.

4. Multi-Listing Fees:

  • Initial Listing Fee: Gas fee (varies based on network congestion).

  • Subsequent Listings: 100% gas-free.

5. Affiliate & Invitation Codes:

  • Issuance Fee: Free.

  • Affiliate Earnings: Earn a percentage of trading fees from users you invite, based on the tiered revenue share model.


  • All fees are subject to change based on platform updates and market conditions.

  • Users are always notified in advance of any fee changes.

  • Some fees may be reduced or waived during promotional periods.

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