Buy your first NFT-Post

Purchasing Your First NFT-Post on

  1. Discover Content Creators: Navigate to the 'Explore' section to browse and find your preferred content creator.

  2. Choose a Collection: Remember, a single content creator might have various collections like 'Main', 'Travel', 'Business', 'Party', etc.

  3. Select Your Desired NFT: Once inside a collection, view all available NFTs (Shares). Find one that catches your eye.

  4. Make an Offer: Click on the 'Make Offer' button to propose a price to the NFT's owner. You can set an expiration for your offer, such as 24 hours, after which it will automatically be withdrawn.

  5. Manage Your Offers:

    • Cancel or modify your offer anytime you wish.

Initial offers require a gas fee for "approval". For instance, if you approve 1 ETH for an offer, you'll pay a gas fee. However, subsequent offers within that approved amount won't incur additional gas fees.

Example: If your first offer is 1 ETH (with a gas fee) and it expires, your next offer of 1 ETH won't require an additional fee. Similarly, if you make five separate offers of 0.2 ETH each, you won't pay extra gas fees until your initial 1 ETH approval is exhausted.

Gas Fees: Setting up "approval" incurs a gas fee. The estimated cost for this approval is approximately $0.10.

Stay safe and enjoy your NFT journey on!

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