Go Live! & Gifts

Go Live (Livestream) Feature on MintStargram.tech

MintStargram.tech introduces the "Go Live" feature, allowing users to start a livestream with a plethora of interactive and customizable options. Here's a breakdown:

  1. Chat Modes: Hosts can customize who gets to participate in the chat during their livestream:

    • Everyone Can Chat: An open chat where all viewers can participate.

    • No One Can Chat: The chat is disabled for all viewers.

    • Only KYC Users Can Chat: Only users with a verified KYC badge can participate in the chat.

    • Only Followers Can Chat: Only the host's followers can chat.

  2. Voice & Video Modes: Hosts can control who gets to use voice or video during the livestream:

    • Everyone: All viewers can use voice and video.

    • Raise Hands Mode: Viewers must "raise their hand" and get approval from the host to speak or show video.

    • Follower Only: Only the host's followers can use voice and video.

    • KYC Only: Only users with a verified KYC badge can use voice and video.

  3. Roles: Different roles can be assigned to participants for structured and organized livestreams:

    • Host: The main presenter or broadcaster of the livestream.

    • Co-Host: A secondary presenter or helper during the livestream.

    • Listener: Viewers who are there to watch and listen.

    • Speaker: Participants who have been given the right to speak during the livestream.

  4. Donations & Gifts: Viewers can show their appreciation to the host by sending donations and gifts:

    • Gifts are purchased using the platform's native $STAR token.

    • Each gift has a specific value in $STAR tokens. Here's a list of initial gifts and their values:

      • Heart: 1 $STAR

      • Thumbs Up: 2 $STAR

      • Fire: 3 $STAR

      • Donut: 10 $STAR

      • Rose: 12 $STAR

      • Chocolate: 15 $STAR

      • Cake: 50 $STAR

      • Ice Cream: 60 $STAR

      • Lollipop: 70 $STAR

      • Lion: 100 $STAR

    • Every donation made is represented as an ERC-1155 NFT. This means that when a viewer sends a gift, they receive a "receipt" NFT in their wallet as proof of their donation, while the host receives the equivalent $STAR tokens in their wallet.

In essence, the Go Live feature on MintStargram.tech offers a rich and interactive livestreaming experience, allowing hosts to connect with their audience in meaningful ways while also providing opportunities for monetization and engagement.

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