Activity points

Activity Points System on introduces the "Activity Points" system, a dynamic feature designed to reward users for their active participation and engagement on the platform. Here's how it works:

  1. Earning Points: Every interaction on earns users points. These points are a reflection of a user's contribution and engagement with the community. Here's the breakdown of points for various actions:

    • Post: 5 points

    • Like: 1 point

    • Comment: 3 points

    • Reply: 3 points

    • Repost: 3 points

    • Repost with thoughts: 5 points

    • Follow: 1 point

    • Followers: 5 points (earned when someone follows you)

    • Create Collection: 10 points

    • Mint-Post: 50 points

    • List: 5 points

    • Bid: 5 points

    • Buy NFT: 100 points

    • Sell NFT: 100 points

    • Profile: 50 points (for completing or updating one's profile)

    • KYC: 1000 points (for completing the Know Your Customer verification)

    • Affiliate: 1000 points (for successful referrals)

  2. Ranking & Leaderboard: The platform features a leaderboard that showcases the top 100 most active users based on their accumulated activity points. All users can access this leaderboard to see the top performers and also check their own rank and point tally.

  3. $STAR Token Airdrop: To further incentivize activity, will conduct an airdrop of its native $STAR token. The most active users, as determined by their activity points, will be rewarded with $STAR tokens. This not only provides a tangible benefit for engagement but also integrates the platform's tokenomics with user activity.

In essence, the Activity Points system on is a strategic blend of gamification and rewards, ensuring that users are recognized and compensated for their active participation and contributions to the platform's growth and vibrancy.

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