Mint-Post (KEYS)

The "MintPost" feature on revolutionizes the way content creators monetize their content. Here's how it works:

  1. Content as NFTs: With MintPost, every post a content creator makes on can be converted into a Non-Fungible Token (NFT). This means that a simple photo, video, or any other content isn't just a post anymore; it becomes a unique digital asset on the blockchain.

  2. Diverse Content as NFTs: With MintPost, various types of content can be converted into Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs):

    • Selfie to NFT: Turn your selfies into unique digital assets.

    • Video to NFT: Videos, whether they're tutorials, vlogs, or any other type, can be minted as NFTs.

    • Text to NFT: Written content, be it poetry, quotes, or stories, can also be transformed into NFTs.

  3. Monetization: Once a post is minted as an NFT, it can be sold, traded, or held as a collectible. This provides content creators with a new revenue stream, allowing them to earn from the content they produce directly.

  4. Lifetime Revenue: One of the standout features of MintPost is that content creators can earn lifetime revenue from their content. Every time the NFT is resold or traded on the platform, the original content creator receives a percentage of the sale, ensuring continuous earnings.

  5. Empowerment: Content creators no longer have to rely solely on traditional monetization methods like ads or sponsorships. With MintPost, they have more control over their content's value and how they earn from it.

  6. Ease of Use: Minting a post is made simple on With just a few clicks, content creators can convert their posts into NFTs and start their monetization journey.

In essence, the MintPost feature transforms the way content is valued and monetized, giving power back to the creators and offering them innovative ways to earn from their creativity.

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