Welcome, Stars!

We have built a SocialFi platform where content creators can:
  • Tokenize their content
  • Monetize their content
  • Utilize their content

Tokenize content

Basically, it functions like any other Web2 social network, but with a significant difference: every post you create can be converted into an NFT-Key, whether it's plain text, an image, or a video.

Monetize your content

The second step is to list your NFT-Key on all major NFT marketplaces, such as OpenSea, LooksRare, Rarible, with just one click.
Alternatively, you can accept offers directly from users who created one.

Utilize your content

By utilization, we mean that each Key-Collection page has a Holder-Chat area where only NFT-KEY owners of a Collection have access. So, if your collection has 100 owners, that means you have a private chat with 100 supporters who are able to enjoy exclusive content from the creator of the collection.
Every user is able to set up their own Collection and start monetizing content.

Why should someone buy my NFT-Keys?

There are two different types of buyers:

Buyer 1 (The Collector):

is a huge fan and supporter of the creator and wants access to the private chat room to get more exclusive content about their idol. They are buying Keys as collectibles.

Buyer 2 (The trader):

is a trader, someone who speculates that the creator will grow their reach and that more people will want to buy or trade their Keys. For example, if a creator has a following of 10,000 and the trader believes that the creator can expand their reach to 100,000 followers or more, the demand for the posts will increase. As the posts become more sought after as collectibles, the price that people are willing to pay will likely increase.

Last modified 3mo ago